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ct0001: flawed


Item Class: 歐 // 14a

Description: CT477 is a replica of a Silph Co. Master Ball made of an unknown material. It can be deformed with little effort; however, it returns to its original shape and size when no pressure is placed on the object. Of note is that the normal force caused by the object's weight cannot deform the object regardless of gravitational field strength. Despite being able to be deformed, it cannot be cut or otherwise separated.

When a wild Pokémon, henceforth referred to as the Subject, comes into direct contact with CT477, its primary anomalous effect will occur. CT477 will split in half in a similar manner to a standard Poké Ball, projecting a portal zone to Location 477/A, and the Subject will be drawn into the portal with a force increasing in magnitude multiplicatively over time with no upper limit.

Upon full entry into the portal, CT477 will close and disappear. After exactly 5 seconds, it will reappear in the possession of a random human within 2.3 kilometers.

Pokémon classified as "legendary" as of the 2016 Pokémon Trade Regulations Agreement are unable to activate CT477's effects. Pokémon and equivalent beings from other dimensions or canons that do not have standard types cause unpredictable and damaging effects. (See Testing Log 477/35: Dimensional Transceiver-Type Objects; requires 477/L3 clearance)

Document 477/26b: Selected extracts from the journal of Anomalous Suspect Γ662, "Milton Belgrien", recovered on a raid on his house on 15 June 2016

May 15, 2016.

Project Islinburg [Note: this term is repeatedly used to refer to the creation of various other anomalous items several times throughout the journal] is complete! I've created a way to get my Pokémon test subjects from unsuspecting trainers. Now all I have to do is activate it. I'll do it tomorrow.

May 16, 2016.

Something has gone horribly wrong. I don't know how, but Islinburg is no longer in my possession, and my Espurr is gone. I checked the landing room and it wasn't there, and it wasn't recorded on the cameras.

May 27, 2016.

I've realized the horrible mistake I made during the production of Islinburg. Why can't I do anything properly without screwing it up?

Experiment Log 477/34

Test 1 - Researcher Fiffencoll

Description: Preliminary control test.

Procedure: CT477 was thrown at an ordinary Rattata bred for testing.

Result: Rattata was "captured" and CT477 reappeared in the front pocket of Researcher Varin. Researcher Varin was in her office at the time. Straight-line distance measured to be 1.3 km.

Test 2 - Researcher Fiffencoll

Description: Attempt to locate destination of teleportation.

Procedure: CT477 was thrown at an ordinary Rattata bred for testing, implanted with a GPS chip.

Result: Rattata was "captured" and CT477 reappeared in the office of Site Director Sosston. GPS signal was located and CTC taskforce キ6 was sent to investigate. The Rattata was found underwater off the coast of Kalos near Shalour City. Of note is that the exact GPS coordinates of recovery, when reflected across the Prime Meridian, matched a house in Lumiose City where several anomalous ingredients had been previously recovered.


Item Class: 歐 // 18q

Description: CT845 is a modified Pokédex appearing identical to a model HANDY910 Pokédex, with additional functions that account for its anomalous effects.

CT845/1 is the collective designation for human subjects under the effect of CT845. When a human subject presses the "ON" button, CT845 will play a start-up tone, consisting of two standard notes on the chromatic scale. The first tone is unique for each person but always ranges between A4, 440 Hz and A6, 1760 Hz, while the second tone is always two semitones above the first tone.

When a human, henceforth referred to as the Subject, presses the "ON" button and directly hears the start-up tone, the Subject will become an instance of CT845/1.

CT845/2 is a microSD card. When CT845/2 is inserted into any device other than CT845, including standard HANDY910 Pokédex devices, the device will be unable to read its contents. Data from Anomalous Suspect Γ662's computer claims that CT845/2 contains the list of banned words.

The difference between CT845 and a standard Pokédex of the same model is the addition of a "Parental Controls" menu to CT845. The menu is locked from editing and requires a 64-byte password to be entered. A brute force attack on the password is ongoing.

CT845/1 instances are unable to speak any English word containing a string of phonemes presumably listed in CT845/2. Depending on the censored phoneme string and the part of speech that the word represents, the offending CT845/1 instance may violently cough instead of speaking, have the word replaced with a 1000 Hz censor tone, or be "muted" for one minute, during which they are unable to vocalize. The list of banned words primarily consists of swear words and racial slurs; however, due to the algorithm used to detect banned words, many non-offensive words containing the banned sequences of phonemes also trigger the effect.

Document 845/20q: Selected extracts from the journal of Anomalous Suspect Γ662, "Milton Belgrien", recovered on a raid on his house on 15 June 2016

June 12, 2016

I've done it. The Handler is complete.

June 13, 2016.

The stress is really taking a toll on me. Accidentally stepped on the Handler today. No signs of damage, so I didn't bother testing it. Going to give this to that bratty little kid now. That'll keep him from swearing.

June 14, 2016.

I ruined it again. It worked fine when I used the Handler on myself, so why is he unable to speak?! I'm about to give up on everything.

Transcript 477-845/00

Note from Researcher Fiffencoll: Anomalous Suspect Γ662 "Milton Belgrien" appeared near Base Q31. Γ662 looked visibly distressed and Agents Xia and Horint were dispatched to the scene.

Γ662: There you are. Just shoot me. Shoot me now. Release all the pain I've caused this world to suffer through. I'm a failure.

Xia: I'm sorry, we can't do that. I can't-

Γ662: (interrupts) You called the first one you found CT477. The fake Master Ball. Thought it would let me get all the test subjects I wanted. I put a minus sign where I shouldn't and drowned everything I wanted in the Channel.

Γ662: CT845. I made that one next. Supposed to be a little Pokédex toy that would keep the kids from swearing. Something simple. I couldn't possibly [A loud 1000 Hz censor bleep replaces one word] it up, right? Turns out I could.

Horint: Calm down, sir, we simply want to ask you a few questions.

Γ662: Ugh, (Γ662 coughs up blood instead of speaking, presumably due to CT845's effect).

Γ662: Please, end it all now. I don't want to go on.

Xia: I'm afraid we can't do that.

Γ662: You have to. Please.

At this point, Γ662 begins to sob uncontrollably, his tears flowing upwards and beginning to dissolve the ceiling. This event's connection to any anomalies remains unconfirmed.

Xia: (Into radio) Permission to terminate anomaly?

Commander Iramitsu: Granted.

Closing Note: Γ662 was successfully terminated at the end of the interview.